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The GREAT Businesses program offers
 businesses recognition for utilizing 
resources wisely. 

Recycling Certified BusinessRecycling Awards

This award is available to businesses that

 complete the 5 steps of the Business 

Recycling Practices. For example, these 

businesses are:

  • setting up recycling containers with clear signage
  • training employees on what is recyclable

Eligible businesses receive a window cling 

decal and a logo for their Web site. 

GREAT Recycler Award

This award is available for businesses that

 meet established criteria in the areas of

 recycling, sustainable purchasing and

 waste prevention. In addition to the

 Recycling Certified criteria, these 

businesses are also:

  • preventing waste through actions such
  •  as using durable dishware and double
  •  sided printing
  • selecting recycled content items when
  • purchasing, such as 30% post-consumer
  •  recycled content copy paper

GREAT Business Award

Our highest level award is set aside for

 businesses that go above and beyond in

 many ways. We provide more publicity

 opportunities for our GREAT Business 

Award holders. Recognizable by the green

 GREAT Business Award, these businesses

 have completed the criteria of the previous

 two certifications, plus they are:

  • preventing pollution in streams and 
  • rivers through actions such as regular catchbasin cleaning
  • using energy efficiently by upgrading
  •  lighting systems or shutting off 
  • equipment
  • Conserving water by using low flow
  •  fixtures
  • utilizing proper waste water
  •  management practices, such as grease
  •  trap cleaning or biodegradable cleaners

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